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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Can you find the meaning brought out by the contents in this mini bottle? 

Smile~ It makes you beautiful. :)


And more messages.. :)

Vesselz SunFLOWERS! ♥

DIY Handmade bouquet of Sunflowers for my dear sis' Graduation Day! :)

It takes minutes to buy one,
But it takes effort and love to make one~ 

I'm glad that she loves it! ^^
How about you? *hehe*

Some photos taken in the beginning of the making process...

Vesselz Stationeries : Minnie Mouse!

Custom-made pencil toppers!

Minnie is in the house! <3 :=":" p="p">
Check out how petite it is! 100% handmade by me.. :)

Vesselz Stationeries : Smurfette

Custom-made pencil toppers! :)

Little girls would love it..

Cos Cupclays!

Cos Cupclays!
"This is my theme cupclays, just gotta click the picture & check them out!" xD

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pLz dOn't EaT My CuPclays!

pLz dOn't EaT My CuPclays!
"It's mini, it's cute, it's delicious, it's tempting, it's FAKE!!"